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What can I say?

I just finished watching all six seasons of this show.  Thank you, Netflix. I don’t know how people tolerated watching this show on a week by week basis then waited months to watch it again.  It’s honestly one of the best and most fascinating, well-done shows I have seen. While I have not seen many shows all the way through, in general, I really enjoyed this one.  

Three things:

  1. It is a drama.  Think of it as a creepy Gilligan’s Island except instead of crashing by boat, the cast crashes by a plane.  I still am not sure who is Gilligan or Skipper,  though. :)
  2. It is something you do need to watch from the beginning to fully ‘get it.’  (This is why I waited to watch it because I wanted to see it from the beginning.)
  3. It really as addictive and unpredictable as others have said it is.  

What I found the most interesting about the show is that instead of taking a present time approach, the series heavily involved itself in character development through the usage of flashbacks, flash forwards, and something I had not heard of until a few weeks ago, flash sideways.

The show also drives a really unique concept.  I originally was interested in watching it because I just kept asking myself, ‘um okay, when are they getting off the island? That’s all I want to see!’  However, it’s a lot more than that.  It’s also pretty incredible 90% of Lost was shot in Hawaii.   The pre-production and post-production of the show must have taken a long time (I can only imagine).  I really give props to the cast and crew who worked on Lost, as I know it must be a lot of work, effort, and of course, manpower - and especially to film most of of it outdoors and on location, as opposed to a studio.

While, half the time, I’ll be honest, I really think I was lost while watching Lost (pun intended - I’m not sure if I or the folks on the show ever got found), overall, I enjoyed the show a lot.  (I definitely liked it on Facebook.)  Some concepts, and from the first few episodes, you’ll see, right away, are extremely far-fetched and more than likely will never happen; however, ignoring those ideas, I think you can still enjoy the show for what it is and its’ messages on religion and moral concepts.

E.g. Some of the concepts are: Good vs. Bad, Faith vs. Science (Faith vs. Realism/Logic), Purpose vs. Coincidence, Life vs. Death, Hate vs. Love, and Sacrifice vs. Being Together 

Despite all the drama, (and there are certainly some heart warming moments, in particular, in my opinion, with the characters, John Locke, Jack Shepard, and Ben Linus), there definitely are a few funny moments I even laughed out loud about.  The video attached shows some of the hi-larious and creative nicknames used by the character Sawyer.  Sawyer (played by Josh Halloway), is apparently a ‘redneck’ from Alabama, but he definitely knows his pop culture, geography, and is a con artist, by trade.  I’m a big fan of his funny sayings and just overall, his character, in general, and thought you’d enjoy the video, as well. :)

I would recommend this television series to anyone who’s a fan of shows on ABC, dramas, fans of any of the actors on the show (and I think they’re all great!), shows focusing on supernatural ideas/forces and time travel, as well as fans of television/film who like to watch stories in a non-linear fashion.  I think that last concept is one of the biggest things - if you can tolerate that, and/or you enjoy that type of story, then definitely this is a show to at least watch a few episodes of.  If you keep watching, trust me, you won’t regret it.  Like I typed, there are a lot of different concepts in the show, and if you cannot understand (or care to understand) philosophical discussions, ideas, long dramas, and definitely many confusing moments, I would not recommend this show to you, as Lost has all of these things…but, it also has a lot more. :)

Let me know what you think!


PS - I’d also recommend some songs on the original score, too.  They are certainly some poignant songs in some scenes, for anyone who likes quiet and/or classical music. :)