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If anyone ever wanted to punch Ian Watkins, the lead singer of the amazing Welsh rock sextet, Lostprophets, then this is the video for you, my friend. In all seriousity, (uh…new word, coined? seriousness, I know, I know),Bring ‘Em Down, is the first video off of their soon to be released 5th album, Weapons. The album is due for release April 2, 2012. Different than their other videos, this video seems to tell not only somewhat of a story, but it’s the first video I’ve seen of them where there are no instruments or any scenes of the band actually playing. I’m personally a huge fan of story music videos, so to see them go in this direction, (even if it may be for only this video), is pretty awesome. I don’t know how they would all feel about acting, but I think they could pull something off really well.

This song is definitely a rocker — a combination of their nu-metal past (Fake Sound of Progress…Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja, anyone?) with a mix of their second debut, Start Something, and a pinch of Liberation Transmission (their 3rd album). I think it is a different sound in comparison to The Betrayed, their long awaited 4th album which came out in 2010; that album appeared to be more stripped down with heavy choruses (and awesomeness, might I add), and none of these special almost electronic sounding effects.

I really like how whenever a new album of theirs comes out, Lostprophets always seem to solidify in their first single (or maybe it’s in all their songs) that they’re back (from wherever they were, I guess) and surely here to stay…this video and song really exemplify these ideas, well — E.g. when Ian tells the camera and the audience "…Here we go again…" Classic. (Not to be confused with WhiteSnake, bee tea dubs, that song is pretty awesome, though, too.)

I can go on and on about this band, but I’ll save that mayhaps for other posts. I will say this, though —- I respect them greatly as musical artists and people. Their music has a lot of different themes (some very inspiring, might I add) and they do not appear to touch on the usual relationship topics seen in much alternative rock. (Or, well, if it does, I think it’s not exactly about the poppy boy meeting girl kind of scenarios, like it seems a lot of American rock goes towards.) I also really give them credit and props for always following their hearts and doing what they want to do as musicians. So oftentimes I feel musicians are either trapped or record songs even if they’re not a 100% to their liking - a lot of albums end up either sounding the same or are all full of ‘filler’ tracks. (However, I could be completely wrong here, and maybe that’s just how some bands make music…and maybe they like all their songs they do very much.) I do feel though many songs do tend to have similar tunes, beats, and lyrics, and that could be because everything is influenced by everything else and it all fuses together…and of course, one band’s work is bound to sound the same at times as, well, they’re the same band…! I am not trying to disrespect any bands, as there are several reasons definitely unknown to me as why musicians do what they do, say what they say, act how they act; this is just a mere observation.

I feel with the ‘Prophets, though, it’s different - their vibe, mentality, and always desiring to do more as artists - that consistent strive of perfection and even when much money (should I say lost profits…? oh come on, that was genius…ba-bum ching;) has gone down the drain, they still want to make an album to their liking. At the end of the day, they will play the songs they want to play and create what they want to create - it’s not a management or producer decision - it’s ultimately their (the artist’s) decision.

I think that’s really important - this idea of not giving in or trying to be a part of the status quo (is that selling out?). True, maybe you won’t sell “a million bajillion records,” (Rock Vocal Power, anyone? Butch Walker? Google it), but to create what you want and hone your craft on your own terms is a great concept and something I personally feel that deserves recognition and respect.

At the end of the day, Losprophets (and countless other bands) are not puppets here to amuse the audience, but they are here to play what they want and hope others like what they’re playing - and to put this into greater perspective, to of course, entertain whoever is listening. I think there’s a fine line between entertainment and musicianship, as most think it’s the same thing…but that’s another story for another post.

Until then, feel free to watch the video…as I saw on a review Jamie Oliver (keyboardist and backing vocals) of Lostprohets tweeted, Lostprophets fans unite!

Mar :)

PS - Post script - this song is recommended to anyone who like Lostprophets’ music, are a fan of UK rock, a fan of alternative rock, and/or music with great musicianship, interesting lyrics, and somewhat of an…edge (when you hear the song halfway through, you’ll know what I mean). It’s more upbeat than…down-beat…so fans of lighter music may not enjoy, but I would still recommend it’s worth a listen just so you can say you tried something new! Experience and Listen.:)