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You got me holding on…
and I can’t take it anymore…

I was thinking about this song the past couple of days. It’s by two LA based DJs, otherwise, known as Classixx. Great name.

The group consists of childhood friends, Tyler Blake and Michael David.
I had heard of the song a few months ago through Penguin Prison. The song is also of the electropop/house genre but with less lyrics. Mainly, the lyrics quoted above are what is sang. However, I love the tune and I just found the video (shown above)!
I love the simplicity of it - and yes, it is a great driving song! I love how it just shows someone’s view as he/she/Classixx? is driving.  It looks like they had to do some close to the ground camera shots, though, as the camera doesn’t look like it’s at the same eye level of someone sitting in a car normally.

Great idea.  I also was struggling to think of what kind of video could be made for this song (it’s hard to imagine things, I guess, without not a lot of lyrics).  I was thinking that the group would make a video in a club - and that’s all I really could come up with.  So much for imagination. :)

I’m not only pleasantly surprised with this video, but I love the uneventful plot…as maybe that’s the whole point of the video…to show something different than the norm.  Or, perhaps this video is just about someone driving around in LA while listening to holding on —- or, maybe it’s some great metaphor to life …someone is holding on and driving is the only way to wrap his/her mind around what they’re holding on, too.


While you chew on that for a while (Trident?), all in all, I highly recommend this track to any electropop/house fans out there.  It’s a fun, interesting track.
Holding On is off of Classixx’ 2013 release, Hanging Gardens.



PS - The album cover is pretty rad, too. I think it’s of two people racing? I like the design and layout of it. Again, very simple but unique. I’m reminded of the stick man you see on street signs, but I’m unsure if the album cover were a street sign, what it would represent.
Perhaps…Holding On?
Or…Go run a marathon?

it’s classic (pun intended) ;), anyway.  And, this goes to show you, that sometimes keeping it simple is not only unique, but artistically, it can also be the best way to go.

Consider it.

Bigger is not always better.  Ideas that are true to the music and the art you create are. Remember that.


First Watch: Butch Walker, 'Coming Home'

There should be more music videos like this.  Simple, innocent, beautiful, and with a story that I’m sure many in real life have to share.

For some reason, the end kind of reminds me of the original version of The Manchurian Candidate (must be the beach scene), but as Butch Walker sang in his 2nd solo album, Letters, "Maybe  it’s just me."

More often than not, it usually is.

Oh, well.



Another great effort by Butch.  Awesome…and even more awesome that NPR covered this this in  All Songs  Considered.

Happy New Year Tumblrites! Okay, I just made that word up, but If you don’t know who this next band is, I highly suggest you give the video above a watch. 

Penguin Prison (P^2?) is  one man DJ/electropop musical artist, producer, mixer and singer named Christopher Glover.  Originally from New York City, P squared received some attention with his hit, “Don’t **** With My Money;” I remember seeing the video a couple of years ago and thinking it had the potential to be catchy (yes, I’m picky) and presumed everyone else who watched MTV2 (yes, it was playing on MTV2 - MTV plays music, wait —- what?) would enjoy it.  That video was entirely shot in black and white and showed several of the Occupiers of the Occupy Protests; the title of the video was rather fitting. 

Anyway, I honestly had my reservations.  As with a lot of music, in general, I tend to like only one song by many artists and/or whatever is popular on the radio ends up not being so popular in my book - for whatever my logical (or illogical) reasoning is (usually, it’s a tune thing and/or some music ‘elitist’ reason, ha.)  This story, though, actually has a happy ending; on a random whim I listened to his album on Rhapsody and approximately about 4-5 listens later, I realized I really liked Penguin Prison's work.

It’s electric, pop, a bit retro and has a vibe of something out of the late 70s/early 80s.  However, maybe that’s the whole point Christopher Glover is making. Here’s a guy who actually studied music and then took what he learned to create something really different.  Lyrically, it’s really neat, too - I feel it’s not just all about relationships but it discusses some other concepts far greater than the usual norm (e.g. materialism, isolation, opportunities, etc….)

Overall, I’m really impressed with Chris’ work and enjoy his October 2011 debut album, Penguin Prison.  It’s refreshing and on a personal note, what I really found most impressing about his work is that he mixes synthesizer/electronic music with real instruments.  True, I’m not an expert in the electropop world by any means, but I think that really shows integrity, passion, and strong creativity for a musical artist.  The way Chris blends all of these things together so flawlessly is incredible; you can really hear the layers of sound along with his voice, which, to me, makes listening to Penguin Prison that much more enjoyable.  I’m really fascinated by how music is created, in general, and how all of these instruments and sounds can be put together to form a tune is really remarkable.

Here’s a bit of the lyrics to Golden TrainPenguin Prison officially debuted a video that was made for the song back in 2011.  I love the simplicity of the video.  It just seems like good singing and electropop fun!  It also looks like a good portion of the video was shot in one take, as well, which we all know is no easy feat and rarely done.

As soon as the ghosts return from sleep
There’s nothing alive
Cuz you made the roads and mazes deep
For all you can hide
A treasure to keep
And never be shared
To breathe in a fortune as in air (an heir)
Until the moon and sun can meet
They’ll follow you blind

A never ending sight
The new recruit to end the war
Has soldiers with, they’re sending more
The cavalry is making sure

No one can stop the golden train

Lines are built and rails can carry you
Past those who would surely bury you
Animals have scared and run from men
Crossed the sea to never think again

All in all - this song is a great way to start of 2014…get on that golden train and don’t let it pass you by.  Hope to see Chris at a DJ set soon!





Jessica Fortner’s High-Energy Illustrations

Canadian artist and illustrator Jessica Fortner creates color-saturated artworks that pulse with venomous hues of magenta, neon green and purple. Switching seamlessly between traditional and digital media, Fortner gives her work intensity and momentum, placing her characters in environments that burst with color. Filled with scaly textures, much of Fortner’s illustrations incorporate reptilian imagery as well as elements of traditional Asian textiles. 

Reminds of Where The Wild Things Are for some reason. Wonderful artistry! :)

(via bluetapes)


Hello World::
I honestly can’t get enough of Lostprophets’ Can’t Get Enough off of their 2012 album, Weapons.  Incredible.  

Upon hearing it quite a few times, the opening, while it sounds a bit haunting (and awesome, might I add), reminds me of tracks from the band’s second album, Start Something.  That album heavily used orchestra to make the music ‘sound harder,’ as well as had instrumental intros which featured electronic mixing.  (Refer to Make A Move and Sway, two key examples off of Start Something.)

Swiftly moving on…let’s talk about Can’t Get Enough.

This song describes a lot of emotions.  I feel the lead singer, Ian Watkins, harbors a bit of a grudge. It’s a song about himself to himself, but also, I feel the lyrics are words of caution to his…how do you say…ah..yes, “haters.”  He seems to have a great amount of disdain (“hate,” if you will) towards the ones who have either wronged, mistreated, and, even perhaps, misunderstood him.  Despite these individuals’ possible jealousy and strong dislike of the path he has taken (which the exact road is unknown to the listener), Watkins alludes he will still stay on his path and not back down.  Further, though, this “hate” (perhaps disguised as anger) he just can’t get enough (pun intended) of is something he keeps inside.  Perhaps these feelings are the “fuel to his fire,” as it helps him continue to stay on his path…but I also think there could be a different meaning.

He may not necessarily want to have this grudge - Watkins repeatedly states he still “needs it,”….this anger is something he cannot let go of.

Questions still remain though…why does he still feel he needs to continue feeling this way?  Is it because he is still angry at the way things worked out in his past and how he was treated?  Or, perhaps, let’s look at it from another perspective.

Maybe he is upset at himself.  Maybe he realized he should not have done what he had done in the past…maybe he had let go or shrugged off emotions and incidents one too many times…and, now, this is payback to himself to continue feeling angry….and he needs to continue feeling this way as it helps him  hold his own in order to not let anyone walk all over him again.  Maybe, as well, he still needs to feel this way, because, well, if he didn’t…he would not be able to be who he is and would fall apart.

Hmmm…interesting.  I feel like this song is a great song for anyone going through a difficult time or has felt wronged and/or mistreated by anyone they care about and/or who cares about them.  If you think about it, the content of the song also greatly deals with communications and possible psychological concepts.  Perhaps, this ‘hate’ is the lead singer’s coping and/or defense mechanism…it’s a wall from protection from those who have done him wrong.

I, of course, am just interpreting the song the way I hear it, others, and of course, Watkins, himself, has differing views.  This song may not even be in the first person but it could just be a general song that is purely fictional. 

Despite what the exact contents of the song is about, like with primarily all the music I post, it has a lot of powerful concepts in it, as noted above.  I would recommend this track to anyone who’s a fan of Lostprophets, who likes UK (specifically Welsh) rock, intellectual rock (rock music that makes you think!:), and/or is a fan of songs with heavy emotions.  These emotions in this song seem to be a mix of positive and negative, but regardless, I really enjoy it. I think a lot of people who have felt they should have acted differently ('for the times, I never walked away'), in a particular situation or situations could relate.  Also, this song can be helpful to those who also hold this kind of anger inside of them.

While, I don’t promote grudges of any kind (eventually, I think, you need to let it go and come to that realization that no one’s perfect. However, it’s easier said than done!), this song is fun, catchy, and full of meaning.  

Further, it is very reminiscent of the band’s previous work as seen on Start Something but lyrically, it reminds me of the lyrics from the band’s 2010 album, The Betrayed.  That album was actually primarily all autobiographical to Ian Watkins, lyrically, and I feel this song is a continuation of his ‘dark’ personality which was seen very heavily on that album.  (However, as I mentioned above, these are just my Radiohead said, I Might Be Wrong)!

Lastly, I’d also recommend this song to folks who may not like traditional rock music but music with a slight twist (note the introduction and the orchestra in some parts of the song, as well as the ‘heaviness’ of it…it’s not a light pop song.) 

Overall, it’s a powerful track and I’d suggest you all to listen.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. 

Best, X





What can I say?

I just finished watching all six seasons of this show.  Thank you, Netflix. I don’t know how people tolerated watching this show on a week by week basis then waited months to watch it again.  It’s honestly one of the best and most fascinating, well-done shows I have seen. While I have not seen many shows all the way through, in general, I really enjoyed this one.  

Three things:

  1. It is a drama.  Think of it as a creepy Gilligan’s Island except instead of crashing by boat, the cast crashes by a plane.  I still am not sure who is Gilligan or Skipper,  though. :)
  2. It is something you do need to watch from the beginning to fully ‘get it.’  (This is why I waited to watch it because I wanted to see it from the beginning.)
  3. It really as addictive and unpredictable as others have said it is.  

What I found the most interesting about the show is that instead of taking a present time approach, the series heavily involved itself in character development through the usage of flashbacks, flash forwards, and something I had not heard of until a few weeks ago, flash sideways.

The show also drives a really unique concept.  I originally was interested in watching it because I just kept asking myself, ‘um okay, when are they getting off the island? That’s all I want to see!’  However, it’s a lot more than that.  It’s also pretty incredible 90% of Lost was shot in Hawaii.   The pre-production and post-production of the show must have taken a long time (I can only imagine).  I really give props to the cast and crew who worked on Lost, as I know it must be a lot of work, effort, and of course, manpower - and especially to film most of of it outdoors and on location, as opposed to a studio.

While, half the time, I’ll be honest, I really think I was lost while watching Lost (pun intended - I’m not sure if I or the folks on the show ever got found), overall, I enjoyed the show a lot.  (I definitely liked it on Facebook.)  Some concepts, and from the first few episodes, you’ll see, right away, are extremely far-fetched and more than likely will never happen; however, ignoring those ideas, I think you can still enjoy the show for what it is and its’ messages on religion and moral concepts.

E.g. Some of the concepts are: Good vs. Bad, Faith vs. Science (Faith vs. Realism/Logic), Purpose vs. Coincidence, Life vs. Death, Hate vs. Love, and Sacrifice vs. Being Together 

Despite all the drama, (and there are certainly some heart warming moments, in particular, in my opinion, with the characters, John Locke, Jack Shepard, and Ben Linus), there definitely are a few funny moments I even laughed out loud about.  The video attached shows some of the hi-larious and creative nicknames used by the character Sawyer.  Sawyer (played by Josh Halloway), is apparently a ‘redneck’ from Alabama, but he definitely knows his pop culture, geography, and is a con artist, by trade.  I’m a big fan of his funny sayings and just overall, his character, in general, and thought you’d enjoy the video, as well. :)

I would recommend this television series to anyone who’s a fan of shows on ABC, dramas, fans of any of the actors on the show (and I think they’re all great!), shows focusing on supernatural ideas/forces and time travel, as well as fans of television/film who like to watch stories in a non-linear fashion.  I think that last concept is one of the biggest things - if you can tolerate that, and/or you enjoy that type of story, then definitely this is a show to at least watch a few episodes of.  If you keep watching, trust me, you won’t regret it.  Like I typed, there are a lot of different concepts in the show, and if you cannot understand (or care to understand) philosophical discussions, ideas, long dramas, and definitely many confusing moments, I would not recommend this show to you, as Lost has all of these things…but, it also has a lot more. :)

Let me know what you think!


PS - I’d also recommend some songs on the original score, too.  They are certainly some poignant songs in some scenes, for anyone who likes quiet and/or classical music. :) 

I will be writing some posts on this incredible band in the coming weeks…Please stay tuned! I am very excited to hear their secondary effort. Cheers, boys!
-M :)

Pick up a copy from your local record store or HMV.
Download it straight away from iTunes or Amazon mp3
Order an exclusive signed copy from HMV or with an exclusive badge set from
So glad it’s finally out there. Let us know what you guys think!

I will be writing some posts on this incredible band in the coming weeks…Please stay tuned! I am very excited to hear their secondary effort. Cheers, boys!

-M :)



Pick up a copy from your local record store or HMV.


Download it straight away from iTunes or Amazon mp3


Order an exclusive signed copy from HMV or with an exclusive badge set from

So glad it’s finally out there. Let us know what you guys think!