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I just read the note in my email from John from Young Guns about the new video.  I had seen pictures of the video but it had not occurred to me that they were referring to their new video.  (I had read on lead singer, Gustav Wood’s twitter page sometime ago, about The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, so I totally thought it had something to do with that…then, I even had a fleeting thought of Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers...sometimes words can summon all sorts of connections.)

Anyone know where to purchase the Bones album in its entirety in the US, besides Amazon? I looked at RecordstoreUK but it was not there, either :( Working on buying it though, no worries…! :)

Anyways, unlike YG's other videos, I feel this one has a bit of a creepy (could be the low lit hotel/motel room vibe and the fact I still am thinking of a Stephen King reference somewhere in there…1408, anyone?) but it has a greater concept than the band’s other videos. It appears to show the band going into the hotel room, but at the same time showing everything else that has happened in the hotel room, before.  Now, why Gustav is kicked out of said hotel room and left in the middle of a Death Valley type of desert is beyond me…

Great song, excellent tune - I really have to give the director, Tim Mattia, credit, as well as the editing crew…each shot is about a second long (or maybe less towards the end), so it must have taken a long time to cut it down and edit appropriately.  It fits the fast-paced vibe of the song, though. Good job!

I also love how the band has done a conceptual music video…I’m a big fan of story music videos that have some great meaning or show some interesting message (e.g. Google Matthew Good Band and their videos for Strange Days, Load Me Up, Apparitions…and pretty much any music video they have done, huge MG and MGB fan, here, as well!).  

While I’m not sure what the message is here, I think the video is creative and different.  I applaud the band and music video team for putting this together.

I love the lines:

Some people build towers, I just dig holes..on my way down again.

On my way down.

…Maybe I can work with Young Guns one day and assist making a music video for them (or a rockumentary:), seeing as how I love music and media so much…you never know! :)

Spread the word, ya heard…and as always, ENJOY!




Here’s our new music video for TOWERS!

“We wanted to do something different for this video, as our recent videos have been fairly epic, grandiose affairs. We wanted to do the opposite to that and create something a little more conceptual.  The video for Towers is actually a prequel to our last video, Dearly Departed, with the storylines linking.” - Gustav Wood

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