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UK’s Young Guns' new song, Bones.  Incredible track with an awesome and powerful message.  Cool video, too.  The song is about how, humans at times, can be their own “worst enemies,” (Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy,” ring a bell, there?)  They can do or say things that can bear very difficult consequences…not just on other people, but the person who initiated the act or said something they perhaps shouldn’t, can be the one bearing the most burden.  I think it can also be about someone’s abilities - trying to reach a goal, but then dealing with the struggle of reaching it and, of course, no matter what the goal is, it’s always hard to have confidence in ourselves, so it’s human nature to possibly move away from this goal or put ourselves down as all efforts seem futile. However, it is up to you to go climb back up that mountain and try again - you can feel everything in your bones, and the only person stopping you from doing what you want to do is you. And, even if you are not blaming anyone but yourself, know that you are not alone in this struggle, regardless of what it is —- they are several others in life trying to make their way, too.  If you can find the strength within yourself, you can do anything…and that, I think is the most difficult challenge of all when you set out to reach a goal - to have that unwavering, continuous confidence in yourself.  Eyes on the prize, as they say. 

I dont know what the overall theme for this album is or of the band’s previous work, All Our Kings Are Dead, but in many of Young Guns’ songs, lead singer, Gustav Wood sings about the difficulties we have either within ourselves or opposition from others (e.g. Crystal Clear, Elements, At The Gates, and Stitches from AOKAD Learn My Lesson from Bones.)  I am excited to fully hear their new album, Bones, and I encourage fans of UK Rock, or just good rock music, in general, wherever you are from around the world, to listen to this band.  The Mirrors EP and AOKAD are excellent additions to any record collection and I recommend them to fans too, who also like Lostprophets and The Blackout - two other UK Rock Acts who I also enjoy music from.

Overall, Young Guns’ music is really interesting and powerful - catchy melodies, good beats and layers of instruments and vocals (Daughter of The Sea is a favorite off of the Mirrors EP), and the lyrics are excellent and thought-provoking to the listener.  While it took a few times for me to get really into them, they’re a definite departure from the emo/screamo sound but not as pop/commercialized as I think what is most often played on American radio.  It’s really something new and refreshing to the ears. 

Further, I respect and appreciate Young Guns’ hard work, dedication, attitude, and passion towards making music.  They, similarly to bands like Lostprophets, have worked from the ground up to have a dedicated following and work hard to make great music together - without much auto-tune ;) (or any! AOKAD did not use it, even, I believe…which I think is really remarkable since that seems to be the common thing for producers nowadays - hey, hit the auto-tune and viola…anyone can sing! While some songs are great, I still am a firm believer in talent (be it God-given or through practice, practice, practice)!

Overall, a great song by a bunch of cool, hard working lads…I hope they tour America one day so I can tell them all this in person. :)

More about Young Guns’ other work in future posts! Please stay tuned! 



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