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Hey world - I’m not sure if I already shared this but here’s a video I made of Alexz Johnson's show at Jammin' Java on June 18 Some of her songs are from the Heart EP while others are new songs.  One track, Mary, is from the web series, Blue.

Great show!  She supported Max Schneider on his most recent tour.




The boys are back…! Young Guns, a UK rock act, have a new single out, entitled, I Want Out.  It’s now available on iTunes so go and grab yourselves a copy! It definitely has been my song of the week these past few days. 

I’ll admit it, when I first heard it on Zane Lowe's radio show (thank you, BBCradio), I was not that into it.  However, that can be said for any new song you hear from an artist you really support.  

So…I listened to it again, and not even fully through the second listen, I knew this song, like all of Young Guns' songs, would be a staple in my music collection.  Lead vocalist and the main lyricist/my kindred lyrical spirit, Gustav Wood, has done it again.  As always, his lyrics are poignant and hit the nail on the head with his metaphors and imagery.  While anyone listening could make his/her own interpretation (which could really be said about any song and/or any artist), Young Guns, in my opinion, have consistently connected with me. As I’ve said before, it’s very rare to find an artist who can connect with you and even, at times, possibly even say the same words or describe the same feelings you may have (regardless oft he situation). 

This particular song describes a relationship that has gone sour.  

"If this is love, I want out," is the chorus  and Wood and the band’s back up vocals and shouting really make the song energetic, upbeat, and, most importantly, it allows the listener to feel and be in the moment with the band and perhaps even feel the same emotions, despite his/her different interpretation and meaning of the lyrics.

It’s amazing, if you really think about it, how music, and art, in general, can mean so many different things to different people.  Anyone can interpret art his/her own way, but the most important thing, and perhaps, the goal of any artist, be they are a  musician, painter, dancer, drawer, writer, etc…is to connect with their audience.  Sometimes artists have a certain audience in mind, and other times, even if there is one audience, others can look at the art and connect with it, too.

If you think about it, it’s certainly remarkable how art (in all of its mediums) can build bridges.

True, to play devil’s advocate, while those bridges can always break, the fact that they can be put together and fastened with another and/or the same art medium, is incredible.  It’s like the invisible hand of feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, leading you to an already written but unknown fate.  Unknown to us, anyway.

Happy Sunday.

No Devotion - "Stay" (Official)

The Lostprophets are back!

Well, not really.

Well, kinda.


You can decide for yourself.

In recent news, the former Lostprophets’ band members, (minus Ian Watkins), have formed a new band, called No Devotion.  Their first single, Stay, came out on July 1.  They also released another song, called, Eyeshadow.

Fronting the new group is the former lead singer of the US post-hardcore band, Thursday, Geoff Rickly.  Rickly is also is the lead singer of the ‘super screamo-group’, the United Nations (gotta say, love the name – saving the world by screaming superbly? Possibly. I personally think music can change the world if people ever gave it a chance).

I had no idea the former band members were making new music –I’m very happy they found their niche again as they all are a bunch of great guys.  Their previous work was tainted heavily and may always be…this is perhaps time for a fresh start and to try things all over again.   

I encourage you to listen to the songs and formulate your own thoughts.  When I first heard Stay, it did remind me of Lostprohets (tune-wise), but after hearing it a few more times, like many artists who branch out and make new music be it with their former and/or new artists/band members, No Devotion may be creating an entire new sound – a new sound to call their own, not to mention a new band to call their own.

In the case anyone was wondering, Lee Gaze, former lead guitarist of Lostprophets, said in a recent article that No Devotion would not be playing any of the band’s former work.  I actually never thought of them doing that – but we all know there are many bands out there who replace a singer and still play the former singer’s songs (e.g. the whole Escape the Fate feud). 

Gaze also said something else really interesting in that article that I wanted to share with you. He said that music was subjective.  What are your thoughts? Agree/disagree?  Can you still listen to Lostprophets’ music?  Can you listen to any music that has been tainted due to the artist’s personal issues/problems/decisions in his/her own lives?

To be honest, I have not really listened to Lostprophets’ music.  It’s not because, though, I hate the band or the music they created.  It has nothing to do with that; I actually do not have any ill will towards anyone.  I cannot listen to their music simply because I do not have the heart to – I am disappointed and saddened as I feel a certain person did not need to change who they were and/or go further down the road of depravity thinking it would lead anywhere besides Hell – and why that person wanted to go is a question no one but that person can answer.  I guess To Hell We Ride had it right from the start – “it’s not enough…after all I’ve said….No answers…”

Sometimes music is more than just a fond memory, but it stands for something, or well, many things, that are very significant – and you can feel/see/hear that whenever you hear the music, listen to an interview, watch a documentary, and/or read an article —— whatever medium it is….the intangible, in a way, becomes tangible in those instances, because you feel you are right there with the music and the artists in that moment.  You get all the jokes, had a good laugh…and when the worst news came of all, you were again right there trying to understand the situation, too.  And for some of us, (me, certainly), are still trying to wrap their heads around it and perhaps always will question it.

Some pieces of a broken heart will never be picked up – and maybe they should just go in the garbage, but I think No Devotion, much like any former fan’s heart (if they’re willing to listen) is going to the recycle bin for another try at music/life/the world.

I know…that was the weirdest analogy ever, but if you think about it, it makes sense.  Along with starting again, I think No Devotion is turning over a new leaf, too – as they said, there’s ‘no devotion,’ to their past – it’s time to get up and try again.

And, they’re most certainly here to Stay.

There’s nothing you can do about it.

Best and best wishes to the band, x


PS – if anyone has any comments about my question, feel free to comment and/or message! Thank you!


Hands down, still a pretty clever and one of the most amusing film scenes of all time…with Big Red!!!

This scene ties in the concept of theatre, music, singing and advertising all in one!  I would love to know if anyone has ever done anything similar to this at an audition and what the reaction was.

Ben Foster is such an incredible actor – I encourage you to watch any of his films.  I’m very impressed with his work. 



Alexz Johnson Show @ Jammin’ Java, June 18 

Hey world!

Been a while!

I’ve been meaning to type for the past few weeks but due to a hectic work schedule, I did not have the time! I know I’m late in the game on this but I did want to share with you about the concert I attended at Jammin’ Java on June 18.

After x number of years waiting and 3 missed concerts later, I finally saw Alexz Johnson live! She was supporting Max Schneider on a US Tour, who was in the Nickelodeon show, How to Rock, from 2012-2013.  I remember seeing it on TV a few times – it was a cute, funny show.  I believe rapper, Master P’s daughter, was also in that show, as well, along with Noah Crawford who did another Nickelodeon film, Swindle.  Speaking of Nick – ne-nick-ne-nickelodeon (flashback to the early 90s commercials – who’s with me?), Max also starred in the film, Rags, with singer and actress, Keke Palmer.

I unfortunately missed out on seeing Telegraph, the first opening act, but after eating chocolate lava cake for dinner/desert (hey, it never hurts to try new things…:)), Alexz came on the stage and performed a beautiful nine song set.  I only knew of a few songs, a few are from her most recent Heart EP, such as American Dreamer, (performed first, and I unfortunately was finishing my cake at the same time – I’m apparently not cake and camera coordinated….), Nothin’ On Me, This is Heartache, Thank you (For Breaking My Heart), along with some songs I was not familiar with, like Mary, which is from the 3rd season of the web series, Blue, which stars Julia Stiles, and also Alexz in season 3, and a few new songs.

While it was a short set, I thought the show was absolutely incredible.  Jammin’ Java is a coffee shop located in Vienna, VA.  I’d been there about almost 12 years before to see Butch Walker perform.  The venue was about the same size I remembered it being, except, instead of a sit down show, as it had been for Butch, this was standing only.  Acoustics were great and it was really nice, especially, that you’re so close to the artist.  It’s like the people performing on stage are giving you and a few of your closest friends your own show.

It was really a nice experience —- Alexz’ voice was great and she made some funny quips about being from the great land up North, Canada, and really interacted well with the audience.  She had two other musicians, Breezy and Megan, who also sang back-up vocals and instruments, who did a great job, too.  You can really get a feel for the song and even how it was created, by seeing all these performers perform on stage – who sings what parts, who plays what instruments, etc., etc…

I taped most of her show, but due to the size limits on Tumblr, I’ll post them on YouTube and provide the link.

Overall, it was truly a pleasure seeing her live and I even had a chance to meet her! That meant a lot and was pretty rad —- I really am passionate about music and art, so it’s always nice to shake (or hug :) ) an artist’s hand and tell them how you feel about his/her music.  In my opinion, as I’ve mentioned before on here, Alexz Johnson is a true artist; she has a lot of integrity, passion, talent and skill in the work she creates.  She not only writes and performs her own songs and composes her own lyrics, but her music talks about a lot of different things ranging from love, relationships (all kinds), emotions, self-worth, and just plain ol’ having fun when you’re tired of the 9 to 5.  Her music is unique and while it may not be something you hear on the radio, it’s phenomenal.  (This goes to show that not all good music is played on the radio…but that’s another story for another day!).   

It was also her idea to write a review of the show when I mentioned I had  a music and art blog – so, thank you, Alexz, for that recommendation!

While I was unable to post any videos up on here on Alexz, I did post a video up on Max.  The video below shows him dancing and singing to the end of his first song he performed, Mug Shot.

While I honestly only heard and saw bits and pieces of his show, I’m very impressed.  He was dancing and singing on stage as if he was a veteran in the music business – and, perhaps, he does have a lot of experience, but for someone who doesn’t know that much about him, he and his band performed very well! They had a lot of charisma and you just felt a lot of positive vibes seeing the show.  While most of the folks were probably around Max’s age or younger, I think anyone could enjoy his work.  His live show was so energetic, I think whether you know his work or not, you can still watch and have a great time.

In general, Jammin’ Java is a great venue and I hope to see more shows there soon.  It’s a nice environment with friendly staff and everyone there is just looking to see some good live music.

I also hope to see Alexz again when she does a live tour hopefully later on this year.  

I’ll have to check out Telegraph – if any of you listen to them and/or any of the artists I mentioned here, feel free to let me know your thoughts!

Until next time…remember that art is beauty and beauty is art —- always seek what’s unseen, as that is where true beauty is found.

Best, x



Max Schneider singing the end of ‘Mug Shot’ at Jammin’ Java, June 18, 2014

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What If you DON’T have a cup of Foldgers coffee, what IS the best part of waking up???

Life’s little mysteries…

Le sigh.



Marco Reichert

Oh,this is a very incredible piece to look at and wonder what it is, exactly
It honestly kind of reminds a bed sheet, upon looking at it (the design and texture - look like folds in a blanket to me). 
Great abstract.


Marco Reichert

Oh,this is a very incredible piece to look at and wonder what it is, exactly

It honestly kind of reminds a bed sheet, upon looking at it (the design and texture - look like folds in a blanket to me). 


Great abstract.

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"A writer is a world trapped in a person."

Victor Hugo (via dixonngreene)



A thousand times…yes.

The accuracy of the above quote is incredible.

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when is Rebecca Black going to make songs about the other days of the week?

Monday, Monday - time to go to work on Monday…

I only know what happens on two days of the week so far.



Hi World:

This song has easily become my song of the week.  I really like the background music.  I know next to nothing about rap, flow, and all that jazz, but I do like this song.  There is a lot of profane language, though.  So, I would err with caution on this one.  This song is by Ronnie Radke and features Deuce (short for ‘The Prodeuca’ aka Aron Erlichman) and features Brian Lay (aka B. Lay).  While Radke’s main artistic endeavor is with his post-hardcore band, Falling in Reverse IFIR), he created a YouTube account sometime ago to showcase his rapping and his interest in that genre.  He had put two songs, Fairweather Fans, and What Up Earth, and I believe a few others, previously.  Now, he is in the process of creating a Mixtape* that can be downloaded for free.  While Radke has also rapped in some of FIR’ s songs, this Mixtape effort is a complete side project.

It’ll be interesting to hear about the final results and how the fans and lack thereof, react to this.  I find it very rare to see artists change around their genres (well, I’ve seen it more in side projects, but this is a really across the spectrum type of thing; however, it makes sense if you know of Radke’s background and interest in rap).  It’s pretty incredible as this showcases how much of an artist Radke is and how passionate he is about his art. 

I will also say this: Radke’s rapping is very reminiscent of Eminem (very quick delivery and lyrically), as he is a big influence on him.  I personally find it very interesting and amusing (we all know Eminem has some hi-larious lyrics every once in a while). 

It’s amazing what people can put together and how their rhyming can formulate into a rap which then becomes a work of art. 

I’d recommend this track to anyone who enjoys rap, works by Ronnie Radke/FIR, Deuce, and work by Eminem and even Lil’ Wayne.  The influence is greatly there.



*remember 2004’s Mixtape by Butch Walker off of Letters? Memories! :)